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Missing Dad

Tomorrow (actually today, since it's well after midnight) I am supposed to preach at my father's funeral. I'm giving both the eulogy and the homily--which is church speak of course. It means that it is my job to both talk about him personally and comment on the situation theologically, pointing the congregation toward hope in Christ. Considering I'm up half the night looking at photos and crying and waking my wife at ungodly hours and trying (unsuccessfully) to pray, this seems like a pretty tall order.

My mom has tons of pictures of dad from all stages of his life. Tonight I have seen him as a child, a boy, a young man, and on and on. I have seen him again playing with a baby me, throwing one of his famous parties, and opening many an art show. I want to make a little youtube slide-show of these, but that is going to require more scanning time than I have right now.

All the photos on my computer are fairly recent, not much depth into his life. But, I decided to make a little video montage anyway. It's basically me and dad, or dad and one of my girls. I added the song that plays, because it has been playing in my head all day as I've been thinking of him. And I add a note to him at the end.

I'm missing him a lot right now.