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Mormons, Ho!

So I'm in my office today at 11:57 am, and my office manager opens the door.

"Uh, Thomas, I think that there are two Mormons here for your Bible Study."

I have a weekly Bible study at 12:10. I call it the Brown Bag Bible Study. We end before 1 pm, and folks can bring their lunch. It's open to the public, and on our website. We get visitors. But never like . . .

"How do you know they're Mormons?"
"Because they're dressed like Mormons."

Fair enough.

I go downstairs and there are two young guys, 20, in their white shirts and dark pants/tie combos. With name tags. Elder Joe and Elder Bob (or whatever), Church of JC of Latter Day Saints. I shake their hands, and greet others coming in.

I am so happy. So, so happy. Because today we are starting our discussion related to the Jesus Story Year ( and the topic is Christ at Creation. So I am leading a discussion centered on the Trinity and the Divinity of Christ. They couldn't have come on a more perfect day, from my perspective.

I'm assuming that my Mormon visitors will chime in. Then I'm hoping they will chime in. But they sit silently. So I throw them softballs about the Trinity, about the claims of Christ, about creation. I even throw them some about the Church. I keep asking "any questions or comments?" Other folks have stuff to say, but not the Mormon boys.

"Come on," I'm thinking. "Tell us what you are thinking. Share your ideas, your insights. Give me some greek word use, some difficult passage, something to talk about." But, nothing. Aren't these guys supposed to talk constantly until you throw them out of your house?

After it's over, they greet folks. They tell someone that they will come again. Then they speak to me. I tell them I hope that it was helpful, though I know that their theology is radically different from ours. (Want to bite on that statement? No?) They nod and smile faintly and leave on foot.

As soon as they get out the door, the place erupts with good-natured speculation about our guests. Why were they here, how did they know we were having this, why didn't they speak?

I hope they do come again. At least they will hear what Christians believe, which will be educational. At best they will experience the love of God in Christ through His Church.

And now I post this, prepared for the inevitable Mormon guys who scour the internet waiting to post their cut and paste arguments on blogs like this one that dare to use the word "Mormon." I will delete you.