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My Computer is Dying

I know I've said it before, but now I have hard evidence. My computer is dying. How do I know this is the end? Besides the fact that it shuts down whenever it feels like it, like someone just popped out its battery? I'm sitting there, not touching it, or working on it, or whatever, and SNAP. Its gone. And when I try to turn it on? Nothing. Or, "want to start in safe mode." The best part is that, if I leave it alone for a while, it works when I get back. For a while. Thirty minutes? An hour? Then SNAP.

Besides all those signs of death, here is the real sign. I (stupidly) bought this thing at CompUSA three years ago. I got the three year over-hyped-not-worth-it service plan. And, guess what, that service plan expired when? YESTERDAY. That's right, yesterday.

This computer has been nothing but a pain in my butt for three years, and now it chooses to throw its final tantrums the day after the warranty expires. It hates me. I know you are listening, you Toshiba devil. Hurry up and die, so I can justify buying a MAC.

Somehow, the stupid Toshiba devil is still under warranty. I bought it three years and a day ago, but CompUSA says I got it in September of 2004, which i know is totally wrong. I just hope they say "oh, sorry, its dead. Here's $1500 for a new one." And I hope I wake up tomorrow with wings and the ability to breathe fire. Whatever, I won't see it for three weeks (if my past dealings with CompUSA are any indication). And they won't call me.