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My Little Girl Wants to Defend Our Country

Sophie is 15 years-old. In many ways, she's a pretty normal teenager. She's all over social media, she likes bands I've never heard of, and she loves to shop for clothes and make-up. In other ways, she's definitely her own girl. She studies other languages (Japanese, Turkish, Swedish, etc.) for fun. She's big into Aikido. She's a world-traveler. She's a great student, super smart, and funny as anyone I've ever known. 

A couple of years ago, we were talking about her future. What could a girl with a love of languages, travel, and other cultures do as a career? What about someone who also cares about others, and about her country? That's when we talked about the State Department.

Let's get real. Kids have lots of dreams. They want to be a cop one week, a Senator the week after, then a chef. Sophie, on the other hand, is serious about this whole State Department idea. She's so serious that her teachers have noticed. One of them nominated her for a week-long event in D.C. this October. It's a program that helps teenagers catch a vision for careers in intelligence, diplomacy, and national defense

My wife and I think this will be great for her, but we also want her to be fully invested in it. The school is supportive of her going, but they don't offer scholarships. So, we insisted that she raise some of the money for the trip. One way she can do that is by doing extra work around the house. She tried very hard to get a summer job, but no-one she applied to would hire someone who's only 15. Another way for her to get the funds together is by crowdsourcing. 

Sophie is all over it. She's got a GoFundMe campaign going, and there's a short video in which she explains why she wants to go. I'm sharing this for two reasons. First, to brag about how awesome she is. Second, to put it out there in case you want to help her make this happen. If you do, just visit.

Thanks for reading, and pray for Sophie! 

Thomas McKenzie