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N. T. Wright Tonight

My wife and I had a great church-geek date. Sushi for dinner, and then off to West End Methodist to hear N. T. Wright. Everyone who is anyone was there. I must have seen two or three dozen people I know. We got there an hour early, and there were already people filling up the pews. We got great seats.

Bishop Wright talked about resurrection, Jesus' and ours, and some of the implications of this doctrine. He was there in part to publicize his new book called "Surprised by Hope."

Afterwards, I said to my wife "ask me what he said that I disagreed with." She asked, and I answered: "NOTHING." It was so great to hear this guy take on all variety of theological positions. Everything he said was right on, down to even some of the side issues he commented upon. I loved it!

If you don't know Wright and his work, go out and get busy reading.