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Nashville talks, who is listening?

Since the departure of Brittney Gilbert from Nashville is Talking, things are changing in the Nashville blog-o-sphere. The Nashville is Talking (NiT) site says that it is coming out with a 2.0. I hope it happens soon. As of late, NiT has been pretty pathetic.

Some of the cool kids of the local blog-o-sphere started Music City Bloggers. While there aren't that many stories on it (compared to the old NiT when Brittney was running the show), its still my favorite place to check in on the locals. Also, I'm officially a writer for it, though I've only posted once. So, I kind of stink as a partner.

Finally, the other day I get an e-mail about BlogNetNews. I have signed up and put a link on my blog, but thus far I am unimpressed. It looks like no one runs the show, its sort of a big post machine. But I'll give it a chance.

So, that's what's going on in Nashville among the blog-o-rati.

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