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I Need a New Football Team

This is your chance to convert a Dallas Cowboy fan to your favorite team, and win a replica Cowboys helmet in the process! I am a life-long fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Born in Texas, raised in Texas, and citizen of the Republic (living in Tennessee), I am a Texan of Texans, a Cowboy fan of Cowboy fans. However, ever since Jerry Jones bought the team, things have become weirder and weirder. Now, fan that I am, I find myself hating the team I once loved.

Yes, this is kind of funny. But it's also kind of serious. What am I supposed to do? I've decided I must ask the question: what NFL team should I root for until Jerry Jones either steps aside or dies?

I am asking for your help. Tell me, what do you think? Why should I root for your team? What makes your team better, or different, or whatever? Can I find a home with you until Jerry Jones is not longer corrupting my childhood team?

If you can convince me to join your team, I will do it. I will join in. I'll root for your team. I'll buy a hat, the whole thing. Even better, I will send you my replica Cowboys helmet (given to me years ago by my amazing wife) for you to desecrate as you see fit.

Contact me: Twitter @thomasmckenzie or, or thomas AT thomasmckenzie DOT com. If I choose your pitch, you win!


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