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Of Sites and Templates

My faithful readers here at (aka and know that a few months ago I altered my template. Gone was the three column, tiny print look of past years. Emerged the quirky, huge font, fun sized iHajj.

Oh, how I hated it. At first I liked it, but soon I found it gaudy and hard to navigate. I let it slide, though, because now facebook and twitter had taken over a good deal of my former blog energy. So what if my blog was sort of weird, if people were reading my posts as facebook notes anyway? So what if I didn't say as much as used to when twitter was getting things across?

But now I'm on vacation, which means I have some time to do things I don't normally do. So for the past couple of days I've been experimenting with a website company called squarespace. Yes, I heard about it because they sponsored NPR's This American Life.

I've been using my 15 day free trial to build out a site, and I must admit it looks pretty cool. However, if I were to change to it I would likely break some of my current links and disrupt my feed (though they say this would not happen, I don't trust the internet). Worse, I would have to pay for it. Pay to use well crafted web-based services? Shocking! Finally, as I got further down the square space rabbit hole, I discovered that there are several functions that blogger has and it doesn't, things that I rely on.

So, today I decided to revert to a standard blogger template, something boring yet functional. If I can stand it, perhaps I will keep flying here at blogger. If not, you might see a whole new site here. Sometime. Maybe.

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