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One Minute Review: Imus' Show Cancelled

I rarely heard Imus in the Morning. When I did hear it, I was reminded that the First Amendment allows a man to spew garbage and get paid for it. Of course, compared to Howard Stern or the guys I sometimes run across as I pass through FOX's AM station, Imus might be in-line for canonization.

He deserves to lose his job for his racist remarks. Of course, there are lots of racist guys (and ladies) still on the air. Their racism tends to be directed at Hispanic immigrants and/or Arabs. Perhaps Imus should have stuck to the "America Under Siege" style of race-baiting, rather than taking his racism old-school.

People should be allowed by law to make inflammatory statements about people based solely on the others' ethnicity. But their careers should also suffer the consequences of stirring up hatred.

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