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One Year Later

Today is the first anniversary of the death of my father, Robert H. McKenzie. My mom called me this very hour, one year ago (while I was walking my dog), to tell me the news. I had known it was coming, even coming soon. But it was devastating.

The last couple of days I felt pretty darn low. Partially because I was coming home after great vacation time with my family. Partially because I have a bulging disc in my back which is giving me problems. But also in large part because of this anniversary. Yesterday my awesome wife suggested we take a family bike ride in the late afternoon, and I have felt a ton better since then. It has actually been a really good day today.

A few weeks ago I was poking through my iPhoto and found a couple of short videos that I didn't know I had. They are of our younger daughter with my dad, the Christmas before he died. They are very brief, but they show the deep affection those two had for each other.

In honor of this day, I put those little snippets of video together with a few pictures of the two of them from the same trip. It is a cute little show that helps me remember the good times. I hope you enjoy it.

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