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Our Third Grade Poet

Yesterday, my wife and I were at our daughter's school. We love their school, it is the greatest. We were there for our first parent/teacher conference with our younger daughter's new 1st grade teacher. We found out that she is the greatest student ever. Smart, caring, funny, and a real leader. Like her mom.

As we were leaving the room, we saw one of our friends, who works at the school. She is assists in our elder daughter's room. She calls out to us "hey, E--'s poem is up on the wall, you've got to check it out." Oh, that's nice we said. So we went up to the wall outside of E--'s classroom. We hunted around for a few minutes. We assumed that all the kids had written poems, and that the teacher had put them on the wall outside.

Well, we were disappointed. We couldn't find any such display. So, we decided to get going. In order to go out the main entrance, we needed to head down the main stairway used by the school. As we did, we saw a huge display. This display is in stairwell, and is a placed used for major school projects.

Here is a picture of what we saw:

It may be hard to see, but that is a wall sized, seven foot tall display of a single poem, written by none other than the Big E, our daughter. We found out later that this display will soon be decorated by big autumn leaves that the children of all the upper grades are making in art class.
In case you can't read it, here is the (copyrighted!) new poem by E. McKenzie:

October Leaves

On the farm on an October day
The colors on leaves come out to play
There they go down
For they will soon turn dark brown

That's right. Third grade, eight years old. My little girl.

Seems that she wrote this poem at school, during free time, and gave it to her teacher's assistant (the awesome Miss T--) as a gift. T-- then took it and turned it into this display, the Fall display for the school to decorate.

So, today my wife and I are incredibly proud of S--, our younger daughter, for her fantastic report from the teacher. And we are amazed at E--, and so thankful that she was recognized for her abilities. We are so thankful to the Lord, who has given us such a wonderful family. We know we are richly blessed, and very fortunate, and we don't take any of this for granted.

The Poet with her work:

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