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Paul's Gospel

I have a friend who has asked me to sit down and talk about N.T. Wright with him. As a fanboy of the big N.T., I have been reading up--especially on his work in Paul's epistles. In one lecture, I read this and loved it. So, I pass it on to you (with the source for your edification.

My proposal is this. When Paul refers to ‘the gospel’, he is not referring to a system of salvation, though of course the gospel implies and contains this, nor even to the good news that there now is a way of salvation open to all, but rather to the proclamation that the crucified Jesus of Nazareth has been raised from the dead and thereby demonstrated to be both Israel’s Messiah and the world’s true Lord. ‘The gospel’ is not ‘you can be saved, and here’s how’; the gospel, for Paul, is ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’.

As my wife just said, "we always say that the Gospel IS Jesus." And, of course, I agree. I just like to have someone else say it!

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