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Peter Pan is Back!

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Months ago, my childhood peanut butter, Peter Pan, disappeared from the shelves. 329 cases of salmonella in 41 states will do that to a peanut butter.

I was told that it was probably gone for good. So, for months I have been forced to buy Jiff (which I hate). Why do I hate it? Because it is not as oily as Peter Pan Extra Crunchy. And, frankly, because it doesn't say "Peter Pan" on the label.

Well, last night, I got a great surprise. My wife brought this great big jar of Peter Pan from the Publix. I actually got a little misty. Must have been dusty in our kitchen.

Is it the actual taste of Peter Pan that I missed? I believe it is, though some will doubt me. Is it the childhood associations. I am sure. Do I fear salmonella? No, not really. But, then again, if my child had gotten salmonella I would never eat the stuff again.

Just like I don't go to the Maryland Farms YMCA because my little daughter got ecoli there. Almost died, and no they didn't even apologize. No more YMCA for me.

So, I fully sympathize with the Peter Pan haters. But, for me, its a little bit of (possibly contaminated) heaven.