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Pray for my wife, and other stuff

Greetings all,

Thomas here. My wife had an MRI yesterday and we went to her back doctor today. She has re-ruptured a disc (L3-4) that she ruptured four years ago. Due to the pain it is causing, and due to the fact that it is weakening her left leg (and could get much worse), she will have surgery to remove the rupture on Monday, Feb. 5th. This will be her third surgery to remove a ruptured disc. (She has degenerative disc disease.) We will not have (and have not had) a fusion or equipment put in.

Please pray for less pain and no further weakness until the surgery. Please pray for the surgery to be a success Please pray that the pain and weakness depart immediately after the surgery. Please pray for a speedy and lasting recovery. Please pray for miraculous healing of this disease. Please pray for me and the girls as we take on new and added responsibilities during this time.

And, for those of you who are regular readers, I am currently working on the fifth installment of the Basketball Diary, as well as an article about my new friend Frederic (an Anglican priest in Rwanda). Between my wife's back, my new friend, and some crazy basketball stuff, it has been a challenging week--in good and bad ways.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers.