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In my church, I give sermons. That's part of the job, and there has always been a link to my sermon podcast on this blog. I also deliver teachings. These are longer than sermons, and are often accompanied by a "powerpoint" presentation. I have not, in the past, had a link to the teaching podcast on this blog.

Today, I change all that. I do this for two reasons. First, my wife and I recently completed a six-part teaching on Christian marriage. It is called "Living Marriage" and is on the teaching podcast. Frankly, it's pretty good. A number of people have said very positive things about it; I want to make it available to you.

There were slides and handouts that went along with the marriage course. If you would like copies of these, send me an e-mail directly and I will be happy to e-mail them back to you. You can reach me at Thomas AT ThomasMckenzie DOT com.

The second reason I am putting the teaching podcast on this blog is the series I am doing now. Just last night, I started a five part study of the parable often called "the Prodigal Son." This is a deeply powerful parable (often called "the Gospel within the Gospel). I am getting a great deal out of it, and would like to share it with you. So, it is on the podcast.

You can find links to either of these podcasts, as well as my personal podcast called HajjPod, right here on Also, if you go to the iTunes store and search "Redeemercast" you will find both the sermon and teaching podcasts.

Enjoy, if you wish.

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