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Reverend Barack

I have just finished watching Mr. Obama's acceptance speech. Here is a summary of my thoughts.

The one thing that struck me most while watching this speech was what a remarkable preacher he is. He was certainly proclaiming a powerful "gospel." He was very effective at evoking history and tradition and hope.

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama and I apparently believe in a different gospel. He ended his speech by reminding us, "in the words of Scripture, to hold firmly, without wavering, to the hope that we confess." In context, Mr. Obama was talking about America, the American dream, and his administration. His hope seems to be in a reformed American government.

The scripture he seems to be referring to is Hebrews 10:23: "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful." Barack Obama seems to think that he is making a promise, or perhaps America is making a promise, and he (or it) is faithful. The scriptures tell us that we can hold on to Jesus Christ alone.

Like Mr. Obama, I wish to see the poor uplifted, health care made more available, the environment protected, and peace restored to the world. I also want to see things that Mr. Obama does not want to see, like the end of abortion. However, more than anything, I want to put my hope in Jesus Christ, not in America, not the American Dream, and not in the American government. That is where he and I most part company.

Mr. Obama called America the last, best hope for the world. (So did Mitt Romney, by the way). I profoundly disagree. The only hope for the world is the love of God made known in Jesus Christ and proclaimed by word and example through the Church.

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