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Review: The Godfather, for PSP

I am the Don of New York. And it only took about eight hours.

I was in San Francisco over Thanksgiving. While there, I finished the PSP game I was playing. So I drove to Target and picked up Godfather: Mob Wars.

Conceptually, its a pretty cool game. In one section, I played through the classic film "The Godfather." I end up playing the roll of an outsider who rises through the ranks to become Don of New York. Along the way, there are great animated cutscenes from the movie, as well as original scenes. The story flows together well.

In another section, the game plays kind of like the board game RISK. My job is to take the New York City (circa 1950) neighborhoods for the Corleone family. I play special cards, move my guys around, and then play out the action sequences.

The story part and the board game part go back and forth, with each contributing to the other. I found it to be a pretty cool set-up.

Overall, the game play is pretty good, but everything feels limited. Its all quite linear and pretty repetitive. You pretty much go in and start shooting. The only question is "when do I pull out the Tommy Gun." And, the worst of it, I finished the whole thing in about eight hours of playing time. I'm used to hours and hours of play/frustration with video games. This one was pretty much a breeze.

Bottom Line: if you loved the Godfather movie, and you like story and strategy, this game is pretty good. If you are looking for the freedom and length of Grand Theft Auto, go elsewhere.

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