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In June, the church I am part of--Church of the Redeemer--sent four guys to Rwanda. My church is actually a mission congregation of the Anglican Province of Rwanda. I am an indigenous missionary to the U.S., and a priest of that body.

As part of our connectivity with the Mother Church, we have sought to establish an on-going sister relationship with one of the congregations there. In discussion with our bishops, St. Peter's Cathedral in Kibungo was given to us, and us to them.

A few months ago, we were pleased to have the bishop who oversees that church visit our congregation. During that time, we asked him "what do you need." He said, "we need everything, come and see." So, four of us went.

One of those who went, Mark, put together a presentation about the church in Rwanda. OK, yes, that might sound boring. But, you have really got to see this. Because it is the technically greatest presentation ever? No, though it is quite well done. You have to see this because it will move you and cause you to look at Church with different eyes. Well, that's what it did for me.

St. Peter's is our sister congregation, which means we have a lot to offer them. And, they have a lot to offer us. I don't think it is fair trade. We just give them money and prayer, but they show us how to live.

Here is the link. Its a big file, so wait for it to load, get some coffee, and come back for it.