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Anglican priests are supposed to take a sabbatical every seven years. A sabbatical is an extended time of rest and refreshment. I was ordained about 13 and a half years ago, and I'm looking forward to my first sabbatical beginning in less than a week.

First thing I'm doing is driving to the Monastery of Christ in the Desert in New Mexico. After some time there, I'm going to drive to Seattle where I will pick up my lovely wife and precious daughters. We are going to spend the next almost two months together. We'll be on an island off the coast of Washington State, we'll be in Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado. Most of the time we are staying at the grace of friends who are lending us space in their homes.

My intention is to rest. I want to lounge around and look at beautiful vistas. I want to spend time outside. I want to reconnect with my three amazing ladies. I also have a writing project I've been poking at for a long time that I am finally hoping to really get to.

I'll be keeping you updated through this blog, twitter, facebook, etc. But sometimes I won't be. I'm not making any promises.

If you think of it, say a prayer for us.