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Statue of Crazy

IMG_1965, originally uploaded by ihajj.

We visited the real Statue of Liberty, went up inside it and everything. You can't go to the top, just to the observation deck. I did get to look up and see her guts. Pretty cool, and actually moving.

By the way, if you are going to the Statue of Liberty, don't take your favorite pocket knife. Security for getting on the boat was tougher than getting on an airplane, but you don't know that until you get there. So, they (humorlessly) took my evil three inch non-locking blade of terror. The guy told me to put it in my car (I took the subway, like everyone else) When I told him I had no where to put it, he actually said "once I put in this box, its gone." I felt much safer seeing my weapon thrown into the Black Hole Box.

When we got back to land, this weird Statue guy was there, doing some sort of performance. I have him a buck, and the girls got their picture made with a crazy person. I am a great father.