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Story Telling

I just got home from Story Telling Night at Redeemer.  Forty or so of us gathered together in the living room of the house, ate and drank, and took turns standing up to tell stories.  It was a festive time, with colorful Christmas lights blinking and lots of laughter.  Most of the stories were humorous, some silly, some touching, and all beautifully told. 

Gathering to tell stories is an essential part of our faith.  After all, what is it that we do on Sundays but join together to relive the greatest story ever told?  We tell the stories of our faith in church, but we also tell them in our homes.  We tell the tales of the men and women of the Bible, we talk about the saints of old.  We also remember the ways God has been present to us.  We testify to Christ’s faithfulness in our own lives.

I was blessed to hear the stories that were told this evening.  From the little girl who told us about her shoes, to the newlywed who told us how she (re)met her husband, to the man who told us how he got that scar on his neck, I got to hear about God’s faithfulness in moments great and small. 
In that song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” the singer says the there will be “tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago.”  There is something good and true about that line.  This is a season in which people gather, friends and family members alike.  Perhaps this year, as I am recounting some of my favorite moments with those I love, I will remember to talk about the faithfulness of God.  This is a great season for storytelling, and a good time to remember God in the midst of my stories. 

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