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Stuff I Don't Like to See

A report just hit the internet about the suspension of the pastor at an Anglican congregation in Vero Beach. The reason I clicked on it is that my aunt and uncle live down there during the winter. Fortunately for them, they go to a different Anglican church.

I hate to see this sort of thing happen. A congregation leaves the Episcopal Church due to that denomination's immoral and heretical behavior. Only a year later, they discover that their pastor is having an affair. Not good. In this case, the Anglican bishop seems to have immediately suspended him when he found out.

In an Episcopal Church I served in, a head pastor (rector) who had an affair and abandoned his family wasn't disciplined at all by his bishop or the denomination. The bishop covered the whole thing up. Instead, this man is now serving as the pastor of an Episcopal Church in another state.

I believe that human sinfulness is evenly distributed. We're going to find stuff like this in any church. However, the way denominations handle such behavior varies widely.

Here is the story that came out today. And, if you are interested, following is a YouTube clip that features the now former pastor. I happened to use it on this blog while speaking of something else about a year ago.

By Elliott Jones,

VERO BEACH — Citing allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct, an Anglican bishop has suspended the lead minister of a year-old church that broke off from the national Episcopal Church, church officials said Monday.

The Rev. Lorne Coyle, of Christ Church of Vero Beach, was suspended effective 2 p.m. Sunday because his bishop received an out of state woman’s allegations that she and Coyle had an affair, said the church’s senior warden, Jim Reamy III.

On Sunday, Coyle stood in front of the 500-member congregation and confirmed he had sexual relations with the adult women over a period of years, Reamy said. Then Coyle left the building.

“This is very overwhelming,” Reamy said.

For now, Coyle is suspended from having contact with his congregation — he helped build – and from using the church offices at 920 14th Lane. In his place, one of the church’s other ministers, Robert Stull, will head up the church.

Coyle led the establishment of the church in response to what he said was the national Episcopal Church’s straying from Biblical scripture.