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Superbowl Thoughts

I have superbowl thoughts today. But first I want to give props to my great fantasy football receiver, Plaxico Burress. What a great effort all season, and what a great post-game moment. Tears look good on you.

OK, here are my thoughts.

1) It was so fun watching the game with my family. I mainly watched with E--, the 8 year old. She was so into it. She dressed up in silver and blue and made a "Go Patriots" sign. The other ladies in our house made an awesome dinner, and rooted for New York. Thanks Laura for the kick-butt nachos!! S--, the little one, had to go to bed before the game was over. After the game, I came and gave her a kiss. She immediately sat up, still asleep, and asked "Did the Giants win?" I told her yes. She said "good" and asked what the score was. I don't think she heard my answer because she was already back in dreamland.

2) The Giants deserved it. They fought harder than the Patriots, on both sides of the ball. But someone on the Giants defense should have been named MVP. Eli? Seriously? Yes, he did a solid job, but he was barely on the field. The Giants won because of their overwhelming blitz, not because of Eli Manning. I guarantee you that if it had been Eli Manning on the receiving end of that blitz, he wouldn't have fared as well as Brady. And Brady was "all shook up."

3) Hey Belichick, what's wrong with a field goal? 4th and 13 in the third quarter, he went for it rather than kicking the field goal. His offense was going nowhere and decided to go for it rather than putting up a few precious points. Points that would have, had the kicker been successful (and he was in his range), tied the game at the end and put it into overtime. You know what that's called? "Hubris." Look it up, Belichick. Hubris.

4) The NFC East put three teams in the playoffs, and one of them won the Superbowl. That's a conference of four teams taking every spot that they could of the six available to them. Oh, and the Cowboys had beaten the Giants TWICE during the regular season. The NFC East is starting to look like the SEC of the NFL.

5) From Superbowl 19 through Superbowl 31 (that's 13 in a row) the NFC team beat the AFC team. Then in a stunning upset, the Broncos beat the Packers in Superbowl 32. I remember watching that game with the same sense of "what is going on here?" that I had last night. Including that game, the AFC has won 8 of the last 10 Superbowls. But now, we have had a stunning upset. The lowly NFC team has risen to the challenge and beaten the best the AFC had to offer. So, now I will move into prophesy. I'm calling it here and now. We are going to have a change in the weather, and the NFC will once again rise to dominance. The tide has turned, my friends. Or, at least I'm going to tell myself this in hopes that my Cowboys might some day win another playoff game. Or, please oh Lord, a Superbowl.

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