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Swap a MiniVan for a Mini

My car is super cool.  I love my car.

Your car might be cool.  You car definitely makes more sense than my car.  Your car holds more stuff and more people.  Your car might even get better gas mileage.

Beginning on May 23rd, I am beginning a ten week sabbatical.  I am going to drive from Nashville to the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, in New Mexico.  After some time there, I'm going to drive to Seattle where I'm going to pick up my family from the airport.  We are then going to stay at a friend's vacation home during June.  In July, we plan to visit some family and friends in the West.  We will be home before August 1st (and yes, there is a man living in our home while we are gone, so don't try to rob us).

Because we will be driving some serious distance with our daughters, we wouldn't mind driving a larger car than mine, or my wife's Jetta.  Close quarters are not always the best thing.  So here is the deal.  If you own a minivan or a larger car or an SUV, maybe we can work a deal.  Maybe you can drive my convertible, supercharged Mini Cooper while I drive your car.

Yes, I will be putting about 5000 miles on your car over ten weeks.  However, it will be highway mileage.  I will take good care of your vehicle.  I will bring it back with the oil changed, all cleaned up, with a full tank of gas.  You will get to drive around in a super cool convertible for most of the summer.  You will be a blessing to me and my family. 

This offer is not available to people I don't actually know.  This isn't going on Craig's List.  This is a friends only offer.

So, let me know if this appeals to you.