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Ten Years Later

Ten years ago today, December 5th, 1998, I was ordained into the Anglican Communion by the Right Reverend Robert Duncan in Hopewell Township, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While this was my deaconal ordination (my priestly ordination was exactly six months and one day later), it was the official beginning of my new life in Holy Orders.

In one sense, ten years is a long time. Given that the average ordained person in this country lasts about five years in ministry (so I'm told), I'm awfully blessed. On the other hand, in the great context of life and generations and history, a decade feels pretty small.

My awesome wife, along with lots of other great people, are throwing a party to celebrate tonight at our church's place. I'm looking forward to it, and am grateful for my lovely wife who has done a ton of work to get everything ready. Thanks, honey!