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Texas Longhorn Football

So, last night Texas beat Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. Yes, it was close. Yes, I would rather have seen the Longhorns blow out the Buckeyes. They didn't, and the game came down to the last couple of minutes (as most great football games do). And Texas won. And I did a happy dance.

So my 'horns end the year having lost one game, in the last eight seconds to Texas Tech in Lubbock. But having beaten everyone else they played, including beating, I believe, more top 12 ranked teams than any other college team this season (someone fact check me on that one).

Yes, USC also ended well. But they didn't play nearly as many high ranked teams as Texas. And, yes, Utah ended undefeated (good for them), but their schedule was quite easy next to any Big 12 or SEC school's, so I'm not overly impressed.

So now I get to watch the BCS "championship" game between two teams that happen to have the same record as Texas; oh, and one of those schools Texas actually beat.

Here is how I intend to spin that game in my mind. Follow my fan-brain logic.

If Oklahoma beats Florida, I am going to say that Texas is the rightful champion, because they beat Oklahoma on a neutral field in a big game.

If Florida beats Oklahoma, I will say that this just proves that Oklahoma had no right to be there in the first place, and I guess we'll have to settle for never really knowing if Florida or Texas was the best team of the 2008 season.

Personally, I am rooting for Florida to defeat Oklahoma by 10 points, which is exactly how much the Longhorns beat them by, therefore dashing the Sooners' dreams of glory and "proving" that Florida and Texas are equally matched teams.

Once again, that is fan-brain logic. Don't bother trying to convince me otherwise.

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