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Thanksgiving is Coming

The ladies (my wife and children) and I are getting on a jetplane tomorrow. We're on our way to San Francisco for Thanksgiving. My in-laws live there (Menlo Park, actually). I expect we're going to eat some turkey and watch some football. I also expect that my lovely wife is going to be studying for her upcoming BIG TEST. Pray for her!

Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. Its not a lot of people's favorite, I think, because they've had bad thanksgiving-related experiences. I have had my share of those, but that isn't really the reason. I've never really liked it because I am a Church-Geek.

You see, even though Thanksgiving is on some church calendars, and even though it has a Christian origin, its not a real Church Holy Day (IMHO). Its not like Christmas or Easter, or even ascension or the annunciation. It just seems so, well, secular.

And you will say to me that many Church holidays have been made secular by the culture. I will give you that. The culture has done quite a number on some of the big ones, as well as some smaller ones (St. Patrick and St. Valentine). But I still love those ancient holy-days. For me there is a numinous mystery associated with each of them. I get a sense of my connection to God and the catholic Church of the ages on those days. Thanksgiving, I get turkey and football.

So, I will enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. I will eat, drink, and be merry. But I will probably still feel that emptiness, and look forward to Christmas and Epiphany.

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