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The Anglican Way: The Audiobook Goal

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Writing a book is hard. Figuring out how to get that book into the hands of readers might be harder.

After talking to lot of people in publishing, and having one solid “we want to publish your book” offer, I decided to publish The Anglican Way myself. The only way that was going to happen was to crowdsource it. That meant using Indiegogo (after Kickstarter rejected my proposal).

Adding up all the costs of editing, designing, marketing, printing and shipping, I figured it would take $12,000 to bring this book to life. That is a ton of money, but it barely covers the costs. I honestly didn’t know if I could raise that. But, with God’s blessing and the support of over 100 people, that goal was reached a few days ago.

Now, with only a week left, I really want to raise $3000 more. Why? If I can raise that, I can get a professional audiobook made. I think there are lots of people who would rather listen to this book than read it. I can also add a bit more money to the printing process, which means that the folks who get the book will own a higher quality product. I might also be able to print more copies of the book, which would be a huge help.

That’s where the stretch goals come in. If I can raise $1500 over my original goal, I’ve got a gift for everyone who contributed at any level. It’s an Advent devotional I’ve written, an e-book, and I think folks will like it. If I can raise a total of $3000 over my original goal, then I’ll get to make the audiobook. Everyone who gave at the $25 level or higher will get a free copy of the audiobook.

I’d love to raise even more funds than that. The more I raise, the more books I can print, and the more I can give away.

So, if you have not already contributed to my campaign, please do so. If you can’t afford to pitch in, I get it. You can help me out by tweeting this link. I’ve been amazed at all the people whom I’ve never met but yet have been so supportive. You just never know who’s going to get on board.

Finally, look for my Advent devotional, the Harpooner.  I’ll be releasing it shortly. If you’re a contributor, don’t buy it just yet. You might be getting it for free!

Bless you,

Thomas McKenzie