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The Elders Announce My Return

The Elders of Church of the Redeemer have announced my return. Here is their letter.

A letter from the Elders
To the Redeemer Family,

Thank you for the support and goodwill you have given to Redeemer during Fr. Thomas’ leave.  Although we have missed him greatly, it has been inspiring to see how Redeemer has continued to have wonderful worship services, provide spiritual teaching, and meet the needs for pastoral care.  The congregation has learned that the church is not just one person, but also the mysterious amalgamation of everyone at Redeemer who loves and serves the Lord.

Thomas has had some tough issues to deal with and has worked hard these past months to get to the point where he can return.  The Elders are very happy to let you know that Fr.Thomas will rejoin us on August 17.  His first sermon will be on August 23.  In the near future, you will hear more from Fr. Thomas about his return. In the meantime, continue to pray for him and for his continuing recovery as he transitions back into the life of Redeemer.

The Elders would also like express their deep gratitude to Jenna, Chance, Grace, Patrick, and Danielle.  They have made it possible for Redeemer to stay on course and be a blessing to all who have come through our doors.  We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude about their service during Thomas’ absence.
Abbie Hudgens
Chairman of the COE

Thomas McKenzie