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The Fin Awards

Now that Lost has had its season finale, every TV show I watch is on hiatus. In an effort to cheer myself up, I will now hand out the first annual season-finale honors. I call these the "Fin Awards."

(All honors are given by me to the shows I actually watch. And, I don't watch that many shows, so . . .)

Best Music
Battlestar Galactica's use of "All Along the Watchtower"

Best Cliffhanger
Lost. They totally set me up to be excited about next season. Heroes might be considered a cliffhanger, with all the "who is going to be dead" stuff. But Lost just flipped the whole show.

Best Non-Cliffhanger
24. A show given to cliffhangers ended a lack-luster season with a solid character piece.

Best Season Wrap-up
Heroes. Tied up a lot of loose ends, while leaving us just enough to bring us back for more.

Best Acting
Matthew Fox. Great, great work.

Best Character
Colonel Tighe on Battlestar Galactica. How does he handle the knowledge that he is everything he hates? Get to your stations!

Best "Thank God" moment
Jim asking Pam to dinner.

Most Badass Moment
Four way tie:
Hiro running Sylar through on Heroes
Sayid breaking that guy's neck with his feet on Lost.
Ryan telling Kelly "you and I are done," then looking at the camera on the Office
Apollo and Starbuck meeting again, Battlestar

Best Overall Season Finale
Lost. Have to give it to them. I still think Battlestar is the best show on TV, followed by Heroes. But Lost served it up.

Your thoughts?

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