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The Fish

Yesterday, Memorial Day, I took the girls fishing. This is something they've been asking to do for a long time. We've never done it, partially because I didn't know where to take them.

That problem was solved by my good buddy J-- who took his boy down to Williamsport in Maury County where they have a fishing pond (16 acres) for kids 16 and under. So yesterday I took the girls to Academy where they bought their polls and then down to the pond. That was a long trip, about an hour.

We bought a $5 daily license and rented a boat for $8. Then we went onto the pond. It was pretty empty with few other groups on the shore and no one else on the water. In the future I will bring a rope and tie us up to a dock or something. I spent a great deal of energy just keeping us from being pulled to the far shore by the current. What kind of a pond has a serious current?

S-- didn't catch any fish, but she did catch me, the boat, her sister's hat, and my watch. E--, on the other hand, landed a 16-17 inch keeper. She was so excited. We pulled the fish out of the lake and put it in our cooler. She and her sister watched it, touched it, and talked about it. As soon as we got home, I cleaned it and cooked it for her. She ate it with gusto.

When the fish was dying in the cooler, E-- asked me if it was murder. I asked her what she had eaten for lunch, and she said "chicken nuggets." I told her that the difference between that chicken and this fish was that we never knew the chicken. Knowing the fish brings an appropriate sadness to eating it, as well as a deeper sense of our connection to the earth and thankfulness for God's good gifts. She seemed to buy that argument.

So, here are some pictures. First, E-- and S-- fishing, then E-- with her fish, and then E-- eating her fish. Enjoy.