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The Horns Got Hooked

The following is a college football sports rant. Reader discretion is advised.

Yes, I am a partisan. I love my Longhorns. As a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, I've got burnt orange in my blood. And I know that the situation in the Big 12 is very messy.

For those of you who don't know, there are six schools in the Big 12 South (which is a division of college football). Every year, a champion of the South is named to take on the champion of the Big 12 North. This year is messed up because there are three schools in the division with 11-1 records. And they all beat each other in a circle.

Texas beat Oklahoma
Oklahoma beat Texas Tech
Texas Tech beat Texas

So, which school is the champion? It all came down to polls, along with a computer system. And, ultimately the computer gave the nod to Oklahoma by a tiny margin. So now Texas is going to sit home while Oklahoma (who they beat) plays Missouri (who Texas also beat) for the championship. So, whoever wins, they will be a school that Texas defeated.

Further, Oklahoma beat Texas Tech at Oklahoma, with a huge home field advantage. Texas Tech beat Texas--on the final play in the last 8 seconds of the game--at Tech, with a big home field advantage. But Texas beat Oklahoma on a neutral field, the Red River Shootout, which is always evenly balanced.

And here is the real pain in my tail. If Oklahoma wins against Missouri in the so-called Big 12 Championship game, then Oklahoma is very likely to play against the SEC champ in the BCS Title Game. So Texas will get to play in a big bowl game, but won't get to play for the national championship. Even though it has the same record as a team that it BEAT who IS playing for the championship.

So, this coming weekend, I will be rooting for stupid Mizzou. Because if they can somehow pull it off against Oklahoma (who didn't look that great against OSU by the way), then maybe the Longhorns could sneak into the National Championship, even though they won't have won the Big 12. Of course, if it goes that way, the stupid pollsters will probably give it to stupid USC, the University of Spoiled Children, just because they happen to be the only professional football team in America's second largest TV market. I Hate USC, and all the morons on ESPN who love it so, so much.

OK, rant over.


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