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The Jesus Story Year

Our congregation, Church of the Redeemer, is about to start a really cool project. It's called the "Jesus Story Year."

The idea is to tell the story of Christ from before Creation to after his Return, from Genesis to Revelation. It will take a full academic year to do this. Each Sunday at our church, we will be focused on Christ's person and work in a major story from the Bible. So, August 16th we're going to talk about Jesus as the agent of creation, and why that matters. Then the next week we're going to be looking at Jesus and the Fall.

All of this in the normal context of both the Communion meal and the Church Year. Children and Youth ministry are following along, we're going to have a Sunday school class on it for adults, and we're going to have discussion questions for small groups. I'm so jazzed up--you have no idea.

If you want to follow our journey, check us out at Also, here is a 7 minute introduction video I made.