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The Moth

I assume that you listen to This American Life, the greatest show on radio. This is where some of you say "oh, yeah, I know that show, but I always just here a bit on the radio as I'm driving." And this is where I remind you that they have a free weekly podcast, which you can access through their website or on iTunes.

That said, I now introduce some of you to The Moth The Moth is a non-profit story-telling organization. Ira Glass sometimes uses Moth stories on This American Life. However, now you and I can listen to Moth stories via their podcast, through their website or iTunes. May I suggest Michael Ripps story "Lost in Translation" from July 11th of this year. Oh my goodness.

Listening to the Moth stories, and looking at their website, I would love to be part of something like that forming in Nashville. What an amazing idea. I am going to contemplate putting on an evening myself. More on that as it develops in my little mind.

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