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The Song Remains the Same

The Bishops of the Episcopal Church have, once again, declared their independence from the Anglican Communion. But, of course, they did it in a muddy, confusing, and cowardly manner. If this stuff interests you, and I wish to God I didn't actually still care, you can read a fairly short and very sober synopsis from the New York Times.

Or you could read the stuff the BBC and USA Today put out, but I won't link to them because they got the whole thing wrong. I don't blame them, the Bishops intend for the readers to get the whole thing wrong. Jesus told us that our "yes" should be "yes" and our "no" should be "no." But, that's in the Bible, and we all know that Bible can be interpreted many different ways. The Bishops seem to prefer Bill Clinton's form of communication: "It depends on what your definition of the word 'is' is."

I know, I've now got three posts about my former denomination in a row. I guess I'm just feeling particularly sickened right now. Sick to my stomach for the death of the denomination I grew up in. And sick in my heart for the people I care about who still choose to live with it.