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The Stations of the Cross

Each year in our church, we participate in the Stations of the Cross liturgy. Throughout Lent we do this on Wednesdays at 5 pm in the Sanctuary. We also do this at dusk on Good Friday. At this service, we carry a large wooden cross around our church’s property. This service is especially poignant because we participate in several physical actions which remind us of the crucifixion.

The Stations are a many-centuries old tradition. In them, we follow Jesus from his judgment before Pilate all the way through his suffering and death to the tomb. Interestingly, many of the events that take place in the 14 Stations are not found in the Bible. These are things like the three “falls,” St. Veronica wiping Jesus' face, and the encounter between Jesus and the Virgin Mary on the road. These have evolved over many years of tradition.

This year, I am trying out a change in our Stations of the Cross. I am introducing us to the Biblical Stations of the Cross that Pope John Paul II introduced in 1991. These stations, which begin in the Garden of Gethsemane and move to the Tomb, are based in biblical events only. I am hopeful that this will serve to better ground us in Scripture and in devotion to our Lord.

I have spent several hours creating a suitable liturgy for the use of Church of the Redeemer. I can tell you this, it is impossible for me to read the biblical accounts of the Passion over and over and not be moved to tears of both sorrow and joy.

I hope you will join us on Wednesday nights at 5 pm for this 30 minute long service. More importantly, I encourage all of us to meditate on the Passion of our Lord during this holy time of Lent. May we be encouraged to carry our cross as we reflect on His.

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