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The Truck is Sold

About 24 hours ago I listed my truck on craigslist,, and I also posted about it here on my blog.

In one day, I had two e-mails from very interested parties. They saw the truck on Craigslist and were both interested in coming over this evening. I got an e-mail from a friend at church, but she was looking on someone else's behalf, and that person really needed a car. Finally, I got an e-mail from a guy in Kentucky. He is part of an Anglican church, and they have been thinking about buying a truck to help in their ministry there. This afternoon, he and I worked it out and he's going to pick up the truck this weekend. He had heard about the truck through someone who saw it on my blog.

I can't lie, I love my truck. Well, I really love the fact that I drive a truck. It speaks to my Texan soul. I struggled with letting it go. But I am so happy that it is going to a church, and an Anglican church at that.

From the first day I owned that truck I used it in ministry. I hauled stuff around for the church when we were meeting in different locations. I have made a lot of pastoral visits in that truck. I always kept holy oil, a Bible, a rosary, and a prayer book in it. It is the truck I drove back and forth to Ohio when my father was dying. So the fact that it is going to have a new life helping another church is a blessing to me.

From now on, I will drive my wife's former Honda Element. It actually has more mileage on it than the truck did. There are things I don't love about it, but I intend to make it my own. I've already cleaned it out and blasted Hendrix through its ample stereo system (it rocked). And it is pretty cool looking, all black and bad.

I am thankful that the truck sold so fast. I'm thankful it is going to a good home. And I'm even glad that it didn't sell through all the normal outlets but through this here blog. Yay blogging, and yay God.