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This is Holy Week

Last night, I had the opportunity to share a meal with a group of 20-somethings.  Most of them were not members of our church.  We were talking about Easter, and one of the young ladies said "you know how there is all this preparation for Christmas?  Why don't we do that for Easter?  How come we're just going along and then suddenly, bam!, it's Easter Sunday?"

This gave me the opportunity to talk about Lent and Holy Week.  In our tradition, we don't run smack into Easter like it is just another Sunday.  We prepare our hearts, minds, and souls both privately (through fasting, prayer, and other disciplines) and publicaly, through the liturgies of Holy Week.

I encourage everyone to attend Holy Week services at your local church, or Redeemer if you live in the Nashville area.  Not so that you will be a better Christian.  Not because you are under any obligation to, you aren't.  But simply because these liturgies allow us, in some way, to live-die-live-again with Christ.

This is the Wednesday of Holy Week.  Here are the remaining services we are having here at Church of the Redeemer that you may wish to attend.

Wednesday night, tonight.  Tenebrae.  An impressionistic, multi-media, ancient-future liturgy of shadows.  Begins at 7 pm, childcare available.

On Thursday there is one more mid-week communion service at noon in the chapel.
Thursday night is Maundy Thursday.  A traditional and dramatic service of foot-washing, Eucharist, and the Stripping of the Altar.  Begins at 7 pm, childcare is available.

Good Friday.  The Seven Last Words are from noon until 3 pm.  A vigil at the foot of the cross, with meditations, scripture, music, and long times of silent meditation.  Feel free to come and go during this service.  Childcare is available.

Good Friday.  The Outdoor Stations of the Cross.  6 pm.  Walk with Christ in this interactive, traveling meditation from the Garden to the Tomb.

Good Friday is a Church fast day.  Abstaining from food is our tradition on this day. 

The Great Vigil of Easter.  5:30 am in the Living Room.  Retell salvation history as we hold vigil for the rising of the sun, the dawn of a New Day.  No childcare.

Easter Sunday Celebration Services  9 am and 11 am.  Rejoice in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the salvation of the world.  Childcare available, but no Sunday School.