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This Week

This has been a pretty down week. Last weekend we had a great "Renewal Weekend" at my church. By the end of it, I was totally worn out. I took Monday morning off, and then went into the office. Then, for the next couple of days, I was emotionally low. By Wednesday night I was doing better. But then, on Wednesday night, I am leading a worship service (Vespers) when, suddenly, my voice starts to go out. This happens about once or twice a year, usually worse in the Spring, as a result of sinus problems. So, on Thursday I felt sick and stayed home from work. I caught up on my TiVo, which was glorious. Today, Friday, I actually got some stuff done before I had to pick up my younger daughter early from school because she was claiming to be sick (she got "well" pretty quickly). So, that is just a quick update on what I've been doing, or not doing, this week.

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