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Toys for Syrian Children Campaign a Great Success

Back in August, I found myself emotionally moved by the horrors of the war in Syria. I was particularly saddened by the plight of children in refugee camps. I could see that they were deprived of their childhood, or at least the kind of childhood I would hope for anyone. 

At the same time, I saw that I had four boxes of toys in my closet. These were not my kid's toys, but mine. It seemed absurd that I, a 45-year-old man, would have boxes of toys while untold thousands of kids in refugee camps had nothing. 

I did some research and found a great organization called Save the Children. They've been around for years, and have a stellar reputation. They are actually working with kids in these camps, and have a special fund set up for people who want to contribute to this cause. 

I began to sell my toys on-line, with the hope of giving money to Save the Children. My initial goal was to raise $250. But when people found out what I was doing, many of them started to overpay for the toys. So my goal pretty quickly increased to $500.  

Over these past months, I have raised and given $1385. When I donate to Save the Children, I do it when there is corporate matching, so that money has doubled to $2770. Besides that, I have a friend who said he would donate up to $1000 in matching money. So I figure $3770 has now been given to help these kids.

I am THRILLED by what's happened, and couldn't be happier about the results. Thank you to everyone who gave to the cause! Y'all are awesome.

Weirdly, I still have a lot of toys left. I've decided to give most of the toys away to kids I know. That's been pretty cool, and it's great to see folks enjoying them. I'm putting together a collection of my remaining vintage Star Wars figures. It's not four boxes anymore, that's for sure! I don't know what I'll do with them, maybe I'll auction them off as a group. Or maybe I'll keep them in my closet for another 40 years.

If you want to give to Save the Children, don't send it to me anymore. Just send it to them! Or give to some other great organization, like World Vision, Heifer International, Compassion, International Justice Mission, or whatever. Giving is a blessing to the giver.

Thomas McKenzie