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Truro's Announcement

You may have heard that eight Episcopal Churches in the Diocese of Virginia are leaving the Episcopal Church. As someone who also left the Episcopal church a couple of years ago, I follow this development with some interest.

Each of these congregations took votes among their leadership, and then put these same votes before the congregation. One might argue that the idea of voting on such matters is not in keeping with Episcopal polity, and I would agree with that particular point. However, that is how the leaders elected to move forward.

Truro and the Falls Church, two of the leaving congregations, are two of the largest and most historic churches in the denomination. Below you will find a video that you probably haven't seen. It is a video of the moment in which Truro announced the results of the votes to their congregation. I assume this happened at each of their services.

The people you see standing together are the vestry of the church. These are the elected lay leaders. The man in the white robe is Martyn Minns, the rector (pastor) of the church. He has also recently been made a bishop by the archbishop of Nigeria. Finally, the many who reads the vote tallies is the senior warden, the chief lay leader this year.

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