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Two Football Thoughts

First, the Dallas Cowboys are rockin' it. The best team in the NFC proved it once again today by beating back the Redskins. I am doing a little dance right now.

Remember, this is a long time coming for us long-suffering fans. We haven't had a season like this in YEARS.

Second, the Patriots are amazing, and I totally expect that they will go undefeated and beat my Cowboys in the Superbowl. But, they are also the most disrespectful winners I have ever seen. I'm watching them play the hapless Bills. They are up 35 to 7 in the mid third quarter. Yes, all their starters are playing. And, no, they aren't even pretending to run the ball. Just pass and pass and pass. And then, 4th and 1 in the red zone, what should they do? They should kick the stupid field goal. But, instead, they go for it. And they get the touchdown.

The crowd is on its feet booing and booing. Why? Because, first, they don't need more points. Second, by going for it on fourth down they are showing basic contempt for the defense. They are saying "you can't possibly stop us, and so, though we don't need the points, we're just going to take them from you."

Mark my words, this will come back to haunt them. They are great now, but they won't always be great. And these coaches and players have a long memory. There will come a time when the Patriots are down, and they are going to kicked over and over again. Or, at least that's what I hope will happen. It happened to my Cowboys, when they went from champs to chumps. So, let's hope it happens to these wonder-boys, too.

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