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Weather Rant

I am currently looking out my office window at what appears to be a small dusting of snow on the ground. (You can see a picture of it on the right). The streets look a little wet. The sky is cloudy, but there is a bit of blue emerging.

We have a funeral here in a bit over an hour. I have had three people ask me if we are going t0 postpone the funeral because of the weather.

I have a program this evening, a marriage class that my wife and I are teaching together. No one has asked about canceling that. Yet.

Almost every school in this city is out today. Because of the snow. Or, really, the threat of snow.

First off: hey Nashville. Stop being such a big baby. When the snow is three feet deep and sticks around for a week, then I will listen to your complaints. Until then, get over it.

Second, my church is a football church. We are not a baseball church. In baseball, games get called on account of the weather. In football, weather only makes the games that much sweeter. We don't cancel things because of weather. If you are worried about driving, stay home. That's fine. But the rest of us will be here.

We had a bonfire of Christmas trees this year. These were trees that had been soaked outside for three days in the rain. The bonfire itself? It rained all day. Did we really have a bonfire in the cold rain? You bet, and loved it. Slow burns are the best.

Rant almost over, but it needs to take a really weird turn.

I hate Coldplay. I think they suck. Their music bores me to tears. The worst part of Guitar Hero World Tour is having to play a stupid Coldplay song.

I imagine that a lot of people who are afraid of a dusting of snow are the same people who sit around listening to Coldplay.

OK, rant over.


A friend of mine sent me this image of today's snow in St. Louis. Just for the sake of letting those of us in Nashville know what snow looks like.