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Welcome World

I would like to officially welcome the entire world to iHajj. About two weeks ago, I put this thing called ClustrMap on my blog. I stole the idea from Phil Wilson. Its a map that shows you how many hits you are getting from each area of the world. I also put a counter on this thing.

After a few days, I was amazed to see that I had had a visitor from South America, and then one from Korea. I realize that these were probably one-time random hits, but still. I had no idea. Then today I saw it: someone looked from South Africa. According to my ClustrMap (which I have at the end of the right hand column of this blog), I have now had visitors to iHajj from every inhabited continent (to heck with Antarctica).

This is kind of tripping me out.

Also, I put a counter at the bottom of this blog a couple of weeks ago. I've been using this blog since December of 2005, and I generously guessed I had had one thousand hits since the beginning, so I started the count there. After two weeks, the hits are in the six hundred range.

What does that say? Well, I started this blog as sort of an on-line journal for myself. I didn't even tell anyone about it for months. Now, I'm amazed when I meet people who say "yeah, I was on your blog yesterday."

I'm just amazed that anyone is at all interested in what I'm writing. I mean, I write what is meaningful to me. I hope that you all like it, but I feel like I am my own audience.

Guess not. I guess other people are reading this thing. So, welcome to you. I'm honored that you would spend a couple of minutes here.

And, hello world.

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