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Who Watches the Watchmen? You Should!

There is a movie coming out next year called "The Watchmen." I first read about it in Entertainment Weekly, and then I saw the trailer in front of the Dark Knight.

When I first saw some of the pictures in the magazine, I had this weird sense of deja vu. Then, of course, it came to me. The movie is based on a graphic novel that was first released in 12 "comic books" back in 1986. As a 15 year old, I had read a couple of the comics at the time. I remember thinking they were really cool, but I wasn't able to follow the story and I went on to other things.

Since then, I have heard of the Watchmen. I have read other well known graphic novels, such as "The Dark Knight Returns," "V for Vendetta," and "Batman Year One." Now, all these years later, I was inspired to read the original Watchmen. I ordered it from Amazon where you can get it for eleven dollars. I finished reading it the other day, and I have now started on it again.

Here is what I need to say: you have got to read this. It is one of the best novels I have ever read, regardless of the format. The story, the characters, the numerous references to everything from Moby Dick to the Bible to Bob Dylan to the Day the Earth Stood Still--wow.

This is also the greatest use of the graphic novel medium I could imagine. It is beyond cinematic, because it does things a camera and sound just could not do. By weaving repeating images with text, the creators form multiple layers of juxtaposed meaning. It is brilliant, without being clever. I can not recommend it more highly--for adults.

Seriously, it is worth reading for the characters alone, for the plot alone, for the visuals alone, and for the ethical/theological dilemmas alone. Add it all up, and this thing is truly great.

I am all jazzed up for the movie. Though, honestly, I am also afraid because there is no way to really boil this down to 120 minutes. But, the trailer is really cool, and its from the director of "300," so there is hope!

I am currently also seeking the necessary items to become one of the characters for Halloween (Rorschach, of course). Yes, I am an ubergeek.

Enough. You must read it so we can discuss it. Go on. I'll wait.

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