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Willow Creek Leaving Seeker Sensitive Model?

There is a change afoot at the second largest church in America. Willow Creek, who pioneered the "seeker-sensitive service," seems to be changing the way they do things. Apparently, they are going to start having something that is more like a worship service on Sunday mornings. For more information, check out the awesome website Get Religion and their story on this here.

This comes after a long and intensive study they undertook showed that their programming apparently did not necessarily aid in the discipleship of their people over the long run. The survey found that there was no direct correlation between Christian discipleship and involvement in their church programs as believers progressed out of the initial phase of coming to Christ. You can read more here.

I don't think there is any doubt that Willow Creek has helped people come to know Jesus. The Holy Spirit of God is certainly at work in their community, and in the churches that are part of their association. But, they have discovered that their methodology does not do what they hoped it would do: change lives. And they are handling this information incredibly well. They are changing the way they do things. Praise God for them and for their repentant hearts. We should all be like them in this.