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Words of Condolence

My dad died about a week and a half ago. Before that happened, there was a week in which he was dying.

Since his death, I have received about twenty "condolence cards" in the mail.

At his funeral, there were a total of eight flower arrangements. Four of those were from folks in Nashville: the staff of my church, the elders of my church, a family at my church, and the folks at Family Affair Ministries.

I have received several phone calls from friends, and have had good conversations with some of them.

I have received about a dozen really kind text messages.

Many people have approached me at church to express their sympathy.

But the most numerous expressions of condolence have come by way of the internet. Between all the posts on my blog, messages and wall posts on facebook, and "old fashioned" e-mails, over 100 people have reached out to me in this way. I know this because I just spent the past couple of hours sending "thank you" messages to all of them. If I didn't get to you, its because I somehow misplaced your message. I apologize.

I am blessed by, and grateful for, all the words of support that I have received. This experience has been more painful than I thought it would be, but I am thankful in the midst of it for the kindness that has been shown to me.

Many people don't know what to say to me in my grief. Some people, frankly, say and do things that are not really helpful. But I am thankful to them because I know that all these expressions come from a heart of sympathy and compassion.

I don't recommend having a parent die. It is awful. But it is good to know that so many people are supportive.

The person who has been the greatest support has been my awesome wife. Laura has cared for me so well, with such attention and love. I can not even begin to tell you all how wonderful she has been. I appreciate all the ways that people have reached out, but put all of them together and they can't hold a candle to her caring during this time. I literally do not know what I would do without her.

Thanks again to you all. Be blessed.