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That's my younger daughter in the morning.

So I've been writing a little bit on this blog. I write about whatever comes to me, though I try to keep it as personal as I can. I also preach sermons at church. I'm a pretty simple preacher. No five-point sermons with alliteration for me. Just one story, one point, one possible action. That sort of thing.

I am surrounded by really nice people. Some of the really nice people come to my church and read my blog. Some of them say "you should write a book."

Reason Number One to Write a Book: Nice people say I should.

I'm 35 years old, and I think I'm pretty much wedded to this career track. I could probably do something else, but I like what I do (most of the time). I even like who I do this with (most of the time). Sometimes I even like me while I'm doing it (though not all of the time).

When you look at this pastoral thing as a career, you can see that there are ways to "get yourself out there." Advance your career, I mean. You can:
a) build yourself a megachurch.
b) get another degree (PhD, etc.)
c) do something really creative that no one has ever heard of before.
d) write a book.

I don't care to be part of a megachurch. I don't have time to get a degree. I'm not as creative as some people give me credit for (I've never done anything truly new and different).

Reason Number Two to Write a Book: Career Advancement.

Rick Warren makes a billion dollars every two days from his book "The Purpose Driven Life." (I made that "fact" up) No one makes real money from writing books.

Reason Number Three to Write a Book: Get paid about $1.37 an hour for your time spent writing (if you are lucky).

People give me advice about what to write. They say I should just get a bunch of sermons together and put them in a book. Like Max Lucado, I guess. But I think there are lots of books in the world filled with all kinds of spiritual stuff. Does the world need another one? Especially from someone who is not a rock star? Doubtful.

I think the only reason to write a book is if you have something meaningful to say. The first three reasons don't amount to anything. Further, I think you have to write a book that you would be interested in reading, something that helps you think about your life and how you live it. And it should not suck.

For any communication to be meaningful, it has to be aimed at specific people. This blog, for instance, is written for myself and my friends. If I write a book, I think I should write it to the same people. It should help specific people, people like you and me. And, once again, it should not suck. That way, even if no one publishes it (besides me!), then I've done something worthwhile for people I care about.

So, here's a serious question: if I wrote a book for you, what would you like it to be about?

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