Thomas McKenzie
by grace alone




In the summer of 2004, Thomas teamed up with a committed group of lay persons to plant Church of the Redeemer. In February, 2006, the church moved into it's permanent home at 920 Caldwell Lane in Nashville. Since that time, Redeemer has directly planted two other Anglican congregations, assisted in planting eight  other churches, and has grown to be a vibrant, loving, and gospel-centered community church. You are welcome to visit any Sunday morning at either 9:00 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. To learn more, visit their website at


Thomas is known for his sermons, which you can hear on Redeemercast (the church's podcast). Go to or search "redeemercast" in the iTunes store or on whatever app you use for podcasts. You can also see him teach about the Anglican Way on YouTube. Thomas occasionally preaches or teaches at other churches, camps, retreats, small groups, etc. He's done everything from half-hour discussions via Skype to week-long seminary-level classes. He's most often called upon to talk about Anglicanism, but he's also spoken about Benedictine Spirituality, leading liturgical worship, church planting, movies, and more. His favorite thing to talk about is the Gospel of Jesus, and the profound love of God made known to us in Christ. Feel free to contact him directly about speaking (either in person or over Skype) to your group. 


Thomas has written two books and edited a third. He's currently working on a new book about Baptism. He's a staff writer for both The Rabbit Room ( and Anglican Pastor ( He's written for all four volumes of The Molehill. Sometimes he remembers to blog. He's been interviewed (in newspapers, TV, books, and on-line) about movies, faith, politics, and preaching. You can find his books on this website, or on Amazon.

Spiritual Director

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice, and an important part of Thomas' ministry. Outside of his church, Thomas provides spiritual direction to individual men. He only takes on a few guys a year. While he prefers to offer direction face-to-face, he can do it over distance. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to contact him