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Best Picture Round Up

The Academy Awards will be given on February 24th.  If you haven't seen all NINE movies nominated for Best Picture, it isn't likely you'll get a chance.  That's around 25 hours of film, after all.

Instead of seeing nine films, why not watch nine One Minute Reviews?  That way, you may not have seen a few of the movies on Oscar night, but at least you'll have a vague opinion about them!  (But watch out, people who love Les Mis may not enjoy your company if you agree with me).

The films nominated for Best Picture are:

  1. Amour - /
  2. Argo - /
  3. Beasts of the Southern Wild - /
  4. Django Unchained - /
  5. Les Misérables - /
  6. Life of Pi - /
  7. Lincoln - /
  8. Silver Linings Playbook - /
  9. Zero Dark Thirty - /
The Academy can nominate up to ten movies for Best Picture.  You'll notice that there are only nine this year.  The one movie that was most obviously NOT nominated was The Master.  Even though the Master has three acting nominations and comes from the amazing P.T. Anderson, it's seen as an attack on Scientology.  Scientology, as you probably know, has some influence in Hollywood.  My review of The Master, certainly one of the best films of the year, can be found here: /

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